Who or What is Quiz Master Shop?

Quiz Master Shop is a company that sells quizzes in an innovative and unique way.

We let the customer choose the length and content of their quiz to suit their needs, as opposed to our competitors’ approach of providing all their customers with, essentially, the same quizzes.

We say “Get what you want, not what you’re given”.

See our Blog Post A New Way to Buy Your Quiz for a fuller explanation.

How do you give customers what they want?

Without giving too much away, we have a powerful and ingenious database search engine that can generate quiz rounds to meet your exact requirements. So you can have the number of rounds that you want, on the subjects that you want, with the degree of difficulty that you want.

Why are you better than other sites selling quizzes?

Our competitors fall into two camps:

  • Some produce rounds on different subjects, which you can download, but you have no choice of the difficulty. To make matters worse, these are often out of date.
  • Others produce a weekly quiz or two, with no choice of subject matter, difficulty or number of rounds.

Our approach is to let you choose the quiz you want, from thousands of up-to-date questions.

  • You choose the exact number of rounds that you need.
  • Then you choose precisely the subjects you want for each of these rounds.
  • And finally you can choose the correct degree of difficulty for each of these subjects.

The benefit to you is that you get the quiz that you want, not the quiz that those sites choose to give you.

See our Blog Post A New Way To Buy Your Quiz for a fuller explanation.

But I can just go to one of the free sites, can’t I?

Well, yes you can do that, and some people obviously do; however . . .

You have no idea how correct the questions are, and no comeback if they prove to be incorrect. There are several “really good” quiz questions that turn up with alarming frequency, which are completely wrong:

  • Bob Holness wasn’t the first actor to play James Bond.
  • Queen of the South isn’t the only football club mentioned in the Bible.

Also, you’ve no idea how old some of the questions might be. Prime Ministers and Presidents come and go football clubs change managers, and players change clubs; TV programs move between channels; etc.

Ask yourself two questions:

  • If I have to check all the questions why don’t I write the quiz myself?
  • With our prices being so reasonable, why don’t you buy one from Quiz Master Shop?

See our Blog Post Why You Shouldn't Use Free Quiz Websites for a fuller explanation.

What happens if one of Quiz Master Shop’s questions is wrong?

We check all our questions frequently and thoroughly, and not against Wikipedia! So we’re pretty confident that none of our questions is wrong. In fact, we’re so confident that if a question is wrong we’ll give you a discount code to get your next quiz absolutely free.

See our Terms and Conditions for further information.

I asked for an Easy round and I definitely got a couple of Hard questions?

It’s important to note that the Rounds are Easy, Medium and Hard, not all the Questions. Every round we generate has some Easy questions, some Medium and some Hard. We vary the number of each difficulty, so with an Easy round you’ll get a lot of Easy questions, quite a few Medium questions, and a small number of Hard questions. With a Hard round the proportions are reversed.

You need a mix of questions, so that all teams get some right, and the better teams get challenged too.

What else can Quiz Master Shop do to help my quiz run smoothly?

All our customers benefit from the following, at no extra cost:

  • Free answer sheets (see Free Downloads),
  • Free colour posters to advertise your quiz (see Free Downloads),
  • Free listing of your event on the Quiz Master Shop web site (coming soon),
  • Free scoring application to help your quiz run smoothly (see Free Downloads),
  • Free tips on running a successful quiz. Register now to receive a copy!

Why do some Categories appear and disappear?

There are two possible reasons for this:

As customers download quiz rounds, all the questions in those rounds are marked as delivered to that customer. Customers won’t receive any question twice, so once you’ve had a question it’s unavailable to you in future. When you are presented with the Categories, the database engine checks which Categories have sufficient questions for you to receive a round on that subject; and this is much more complicated than counting ten questions, but we won’t bore you with that. So it is entirely possible that a Category will disappear from the list when you’ve downloaded some rounds. Don’t worry, as we monitor this, and replenish Categories in this situation, meaning they should reappear soon.

The second situation is Current Affairs. As you’ll appreciate there is a limited window while questions are current, and so we can’t build up a stock of Current Affairs as we do with other Categories. Typically every day or two we upload some new questions, and delete a similar number. Occasionally, based on the first reason, some customers might not have Current Affairs in their list.

As a tip, if you want a Current Affairs round always download it first, which maximises your chances of getting it.

I run a Quiz League - can you help me?

Quiz Master Shop also supplies questions to Quiz Leagues.

Depending on your format, you might be able to use our normal quiz generation

If not, we are happy to work with you to supply what you need. For example, we can supply matched pairs of questions (same subject and difficulty) so both teams get equivalent questions.

It's probably best if you e-mail us Quiz Master Shop and we can discuss it further

Registration and Purchase

How do I buy quizzes from you?

Before you can buy you have to create an account. You might already have an account, but if you haven’t got one, it’s worth creating one now. Even if you don’t need a quiz right away, we’ll send you monthly quiz-related e-mails, including discounts and offers.

To create an account we will need only your name and e-mail address. Click here to create an account.

Once you have an account buying your quizzes is very simple:

  1. Choose the number of quiz rounds that you want to buy. If you’re doing a one-off quiz this will be the number of rounds in the quiz; if you’re planning a number of regular quizzes, you might want to purchase a larger number, as there are volume discounts available.
  2. Every time you log in you will see the number of quiz rounds that you have available to you, and when you run a quiz you take the rounds that you want for that quiz.
    1. Choose the number of rounds,
    2. For each round choose the subject (from about 50, it's constantly increasing) and the degree of difficulty,
    3. Click Generate and download a PDF with your quiz rounds,
  3. When you want to buy more quiz rounds, you log in and follow the same steps as when you bought your first quiz rounds.

In a few months we will launch a subscription service that will make your life even easier. More on that when it’s available, but you won’t even have to log in to get your regular quiz.

How much does it cost to Register or Create an Account

Registration and Account Creation is completely free, and you will receive a regular newsletters with other offers, discounts and benefits.

Even if you don’t want a quiz right away, it’s a good idea to create an account now.

Do I have to Create an Account for just one Quiz?

Creating an account is free and without any commitment on your part. In addition, if you do decide to run another quiz, we’ll make sure you don’t get any questions twice.

Can I use my credits to buy any type of quiz round?

We are adding different styles of quiz round as part of our continuous improvement and you can download any type of quiz round for one credit. So pick and mix from our normal 10-question rounds, or wipe-out, alphabet chain, spot-the-link rounds (which will be available soon) and any of our themed rounds like Easter, Bonfire Night etc.

You’re an internet company – I can use your quizzes anywhere, right?

We’ve got UK Government clearance that none of our quizzes are considered Weapons of Mass Destruction, so we can export just about anywhere.

Joking apart, you can download our quizzes and use them worldwide, although be aware some questions might be a little UK based.

Also, just to be clear, you can only use a quiz at the one address registered on your account.

How do I get the freebies?

You can download the Quiz Master Shop scoring application, as many Quiz Master Shop answer sheets as you desire, team sheets, scoring application and a free colour poster that you can print and use to advertise the quiz.

And you can list your quiz in the Calendar on the Quiz Master Shop web site if you link back to the Quiz Master Shop website.

Will you refund unused credits?

Quiz Master Shop will not refund credits.

What about this GDPR thing?

The General Data Protection Regulations, known as GDPR, came into force 25th May 2018.

We hold your e-mail address, your address and your name. These are used for your shopping experience. Your e-mail address is used in the quiz generation process to ensure that you don't receive any question twice.

We only share this information with Shopify when you make a purchase. Shopify uses this information, plus the credit card details, for fraud prevention. It is not shared with any other organisation, and Shopify's privacy policy is available whenever you make a purchase.

Credit card details are not stored by Quiz Master Shop or Shopify.

We do not sell your data or share it with anyone but Shopify.

You can opt out of receiving information at any time.


What’s a PDF?

From the Adobe website: “Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to present and exchange documents reliably”.

In laymen’s terms it’s an industry standard file format that can be read on most types of computer using a free application. You can download the application from the Adobe website.

So I need a computer to access your quizzes?

You will need a computer capable of accessing web pages, running a PDF reader and running Excel. And you’ll need an e-mail address in order to register and then receive your quizzes, newsletters, etc.

Access to a printer is necessary to print out the answer sheets, posters and questions, but that’s about it.