Anagram Answers

Today we have a guest puzzle, supplied by Frank Paul, Author of “The Cryptic Pub Quiz”  and Quiz Master at The Mill in Cambridge.

Rephrase each of the following as a three-word sentence in which all three words are anagrams of one another (for example, “rudest duster rusted”):

  1. Reptile in attendance expresses remorse (Present serpent repents)
  2. Nimblest members of the clergy don’t give up (Spriest priests persist)
  3. Ducks severely criticize an inventor (Teals slate Tesla)
  4. Keeps more unpleasant parts of eyeballs (Retains nastier retinas)
  5. An operatic heroine adds toppings to Mexican food (Tosca coats tacos)
  6. Bemoan cloak of the mind (Lament mental mantle)
  7. Laid waste to most resistant strands of fibre (Trashed hardest threads)
  8. Business which sells goods at a lowered price initiates instances of prices being lowered (Discounter introduces reductions)

You can see people’s attempts (successful and unsuccessful) at the answers in the comments on this website, on Facebook , and on Twitter @quizmastershop.


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