Binge Watch Quiz Puzzle Answer

This week's puzzle is kindly supplied by Daniel Peake, question writer for Only Connect, online Quiz Master at Quizzy Dan, and puzzle provider at Peake's Puzzles. Be sure to check out the excellent stuff he does.

What show has he been binge-watching recently?

Below are the episode titles:

  • Idiots
  • Take-off and landing locale
  • Cardboard container
  • Perishes
  • Three-valved brass instrument
  • One throwing a party
  • Fibs

But the descriptions here have got mixed up:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Fresh Prince of Bel-Air character
  • Fugitive
  • Latter Day Saint members
  • Prepares foods into cubes
  • Small crown
  • The Planets suite composer

Match the descriptions to the titles and deduce the show.

The episode title answers are: MORONS, RUNWAY, CARTON, DIES, CORNET, HOST, LIES.

The description answers are, in given order: LIMES, CARLTON, RUNAWAY, MORMONS, DICES, CORONET, HOLST.

The descriptions can be paired up with episode titles when one extra letter is added into the episode title. MORONS becomes MORMONS, for example. HOST becomes HOLST. The extra letters in episode order are M, A, L, C, O, L, M. Also note that (as shown below) these letters are in the exact middle of the descriptions:


Thus the show that he's been binge-watching recently is MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE.


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