Black Friday Cyber Monday Discount Details

The Black Friday Cyber Monday sale will run from 8.00 AM to 11.00 PM (GMT) on both the Friday and the Monday.

There are 15 hourly slots and the discounts will change every hour on the hour. There are five different deals that will appear on both days:

20% off orders of 20 rounds or more

25% off orders of 50 rounds or more

30% off orders of 100 rounds or more

35% off orders of 200 rounds or more

40% off orders of 500 rounds or more

The best deals will appear the least frequently, so 20% off will appear five times, 25% off will appear four times, 30% off will appear three times, 35% off will appear twice, and 40% off will appear only once.

The order that the discounts appear was generated randomly and is different on the Friday and the Monday. We will Tweet and Post on Facebook the new deal every hour.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or both to get the new discount codes as they appear.


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