Bread Quiz Puzzle Answer

In the village close to Quiz Master Shop Towers is a very unusual bakery. It claims to be the only bakery in the world to make spherical loaves. 

It is very difficult to imagine how they make them, and of course, the process is a closely guarded secret. 

The bakery supplies the loaves presliced to the Jolly Quizmaster pub, where they are toasted for breakfast. Each loaf has ten slices. 

The various sizes of the slices is very useful for people with different appetites, but confusing for those who like or dislike the crust. Can you help? Which slices have the most and least crust?

Oddly, every slice has the same amount of crust. As the slices get smaller, the increased size of the crust, because of the increasing slope, exactly compensates.

The curved surface of a cylinder the same radius and height as a sphere has the same area as the sphere:

Surface area of Sphere = 4 π r squared

Height of Cylinder = 2 r

Circumference of Cylinder = 2 π r

Surface area of Cylinder = 4 π r squared

And it turns out that all the slices through both also have the same surface area.


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