Breakfast Quiz Puzzle Answer

We received a flier from our local "Greasy Spoon" café recently, that was advertising Breakfast Baps with various fillings. They looked very tempting and we agreed that we would try them on Friday as a treat - we normally try to eat only healthy food, of course.

Friday came and we started to work out what each of us would like to order. The list of offers was as follows:

Sausage and Bacon - £3.50

Bacon and Egg - £2.50

Egg and Hash Brown - £1.50

Sausage and Hash Brown -

Unfortunately the corner was ripped off the flier and there was no price for Sausage and Hash Brown. And, of course, one person wanted Sausage and Hash Brown, and would not be dissuaded!

So we set about working out what the price should be based on the other three prices that we did have.

How much did we decide that a Sausage and Hash Brown Breakfast Bap should cost?

If you add together the first and third offers you would end up with one of each item and two baps for a cost of £5.00. The second offer is a bap with the two "unwanted" items in it, costing £2.50.

On this basis the Sausage and Hash Brown Breakfast Bap should cost £2.50.


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