Cricket Averages Quiz Puzzle Answer

The local cricket team near Quiz Master Shop Towers held its annual dinner in the Jolly Quizmaster recently. All the usual awards were given out - best batsman, best young player, etc. However, the club had to award best bowler to two players as they finished the season with the same bowling average.

In fact, before the last match of the season they had identical bowling averages, so it was very tense between them, as to who would finish with the best record. They had taken 30 wickets between them which was many more than any other bowlers in the team.

In the final match Smith took 3 for 24 and Jones took 2 for 26, and lo and behold they both finished the season with a bowling average of four.

So how many wickets did each player take during the season, and how many runs did each of them concede?

Before the last match they had taken 30 wickets between them and the took a combined five wickets in that final match. So they took 35 wickets between them. With a bowling average of four the must have conceded 140 runs between them during the season. And they conceded a combined 50 runs in the last match, so before it they had conceded 90 runs between them.

Before the last match they had the same bowling average, which must have been three.

On this basis Smith took 15 wickets for 60 runs and Jones took 20 wickets for 80 runs.


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