Cricket World Cup Quiz Puzzle

With the Cricket World Cup well under way, we have a puzzle based on the competition. But don't worry if you know little or nothing about cricket; you don't really need to know anything about cricket per se, and all will be explained.

There are ten teams in the competition, and in the group stage every team plays the other nine teams once. So at the end of the group stage all the teams will have played nine matches.

For each win the team gets two points, for a loss the team gets zero points, and for a tie (or no result - don't worry about it) the team gets one point. If two teams are level on points the team with the best net run rate (again don't worry about it) is placed higher.

The top four teams in the table at the end of the group stage qualify for the semifinals.

The questions are:

  1. What is the highest number of points that a team can get and not qualify for the semifinals?
  2. What is the lowest number of points that a team can get and still qualify for the semifinals?

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Answer at 9.00 on Monday


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