Death of the Doctor Quiz Puzzle Answer

We were partaking of a cooling pint in the Jolly Quizmaster during the recent hot spell, and the landlord asked if we had heard about the village doctor who had recently passed away. We had heard of his death, but not the circumstances, and the landlord related the following story.

The doctor had attended church the previous Sunday, as was his habit, and had fallen asleep while praying. He dreamt that he was a noble at the time of the French Revolution, who was about to be executed by guillotine. His head was placed in the device and he waited for the blade to fall. At this point his wife noticed that he was sleeping and tapped him on the back of the neck to wake him up. This tap combined with the circumstances in his dream caused him a great shock, and he suffered a heart attack which killed him.

How did we know that this story was poppycock?


Well, as the doctor died in his sleep he would be unable to talk about his dream.


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