December 2023 Quiz Nights

Here are the December Quiz Nights that we have been told about. Let us know about your Quiz Night and we'll include it.

Many of these will be Christmas Special Quizzes, and we'll add this information as we get it.

Sunday 3rd The Inn on the Green 20.00

Monday 4th - Hemingways (Jomtien) 20.00

Monday 4th - The Mill Cambridge (Frank Paul) 19.00 Christmas Quiz

Tuesday 5th - The Udder Quiz 19.00 for 20.00

Wednesday 6th - Red Lion Bonvilston 20.00 Christmas Quiz

Wednesday 6th - Plough & Harrow, Warfield 20.00

Wednesday 6th - Robbie's Quiz (Online) 20.00

Thursday 7th - Academy Espresso Bar 19.30

Sunday 10th The Inn on the Green 20.00

Monday 11th - Hemingways (Jomtien) 20.00

Tuesday 12th - The Udder Quiz 19.00 for 20.00 Christmas Quiz

Wednesday 13th - Plough & Harrow, Warfield 20.00

Thursday 14th - Academy @ Platform 18.30 Christmas Quiz

Sunday 17th The Inn on the Green 20.00 Christmas Quiz

Monday 18th - Hemingways (Jomtien) 20.00 Christmas Quiz

Wednesday 20th - Plough & Harrow, Warfield 20.00

Thursday 21st - Academy Espresso Bar 19.30 Christmas Quiz

Wednesday 27th - Plough & Harrow, Warfield 20.00

Sunday 31st The Inn on the Green 20.00 New Year Quiz of the Year


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