Euro 2024 Quiz Puzzle Answer

In the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship there were six groups of four teams, making 24 teams. There has been some debate about this, as it requires 36 matches to eliminate eight teams. And some teams could reach the last 16 without doing very much.

The four best ranked teams that finish third in there group will go through along with the six first-placed teams and the six second-placed teams.

So the question this week is what is the fewest number of goals a team finishing third in its group could score and reach the last 16?

It is possible to be placed third in a group with two defeats and a draw, provided the team that you draw with has also had two defeats. Assume that the draw is 0-0. If the team's two defeats are both 1-0 and the other team's defeats are, say, both 2-0, then you will be placed third on goal difference.

If two other groups have had the same pattern of results (that is, the bottom two teams both have the record of two losses and a draw) there will be three third-placed teams on one point. The next criterium is again goal difference, and if the other two teams have suffered bigger loses than 1-0, into the last 16 you go!

It is possible to reach the last 16 by scoring zero goals, provided that you concede very few.

Incidentally, if three teams in a group drew the three matches between them 0-0 and were all beaten by the team that comes first, a 1-0 loss to the top team would secure second place in the group if the other two teams lost more heavily.


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