Family Party Quiz Puzzle Answer

A few weeks ago we posed a puzzle about fathers and sons going fishing, which you can read here. This week we have a similar style puzzle about a family party.

Two people were discussing their respective weekends, and one mentioned a family party that they had attended. The other asked who had been at the party, and got the response " one grandfather, one grandmother, two fathers, two mothers, four children, three grandchildren, one brother, two sisters, two sons, two daughters, one father-in-law, one mother-in-law and one daughter-in-law".

"Gosh" came the reply, "23 people, that is a big party".

"Indeed not, there were far fewer people there than 23"

So what is the smallest number of people who can satisfy the long list of attendees?

The smallest number of guests is seven - two small girls and their brother, the children's mother and father, and the father's mother and father.


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