Fathers and Sons Quiz Puzzle Answer

The five founders of Lyon, Major, Norris, O'Neal and Pearce and Sons all have their eldest sons working in the firm alongside them. The founders are longstanding friends, and came to an arrangement that each of them would name their eldest son after one of the other four founders.

The elder Pearce explained that it was the elder Edward who had made the suggestion.

He went on to say that Norris named his son after young Edward's father.

Major's son is named after Bill's father.

Young Lyon is called Andrew and young O'Neal is named David.

And Pearce himself named his son after Charles' father.

So can you name the five fathers and five sons who work for the company?

Bill Pearce and his son Edward

David Lyon and his son Andrew

Edward Major and his son Charles

Charles Norris and his son Bill

Andrew O'Neal and his son David


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