Football Betting Quiz Puzzle Answer

We like sport in Quiz Master Shop Towers, and a while ago one of our setters received an intriguing email. The subject line was Football Result Prediction, and all the email said was Liverpool will beat Cardiff City.

Naturally this provoked some discussion and we all looked at the results with interest. Sure enough, Liverpool duly won.

A week later another email arrived with a prediction, and this too turned out to be correct. In fact our colleague received eight successive weekly emails, and all were correct.

By now we were all looking forward to the next email with feverish anticipation. However, the next one was different; same subject line, but the text read For this week's prediction, please send £100 to the following bank account.

However, were being scammed! 

What is the scam?

We are not the only people receiving these emails. In fact a very large number of people are getting them.

All the scammers do is acquire, say, one million email addresses. The first week half get a prediction of Liverpool winning and half get a prediction of them not winning. Of course, half get a correct prediction, and only those get a second email. The half million remaining people are again split into two groups, with each half getting different predictions. 

This continues with successive emails going only to those who have received correct predictions. 

After eight weeks there are still about 4,000 people who have received eight correct predictions, but there is no guarantee that the ninth will be correct.

Would you have fallen for it? 


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