Free Quizzes for Your Pubs

The Problem

As a Brewery or Pub Chain Owner you would like to take advantage of the economies of scale to bulk buy Quizzes for your pubs, and secure a nice discount.

So you pay your weekly fee, the supplier sends a quiz to all your pubs each week and . . .

“We’ve tried running quizzes here, but they don’t really work”,
“There’s a bloke who does our Quiz Nights and we’re not going to change”
“Our quizzes are the first Wednesday of the month – we don’t need one every week”
“No one in our pub liked the quiz you sent, so we stopped using them”
“Six rounds are too many for us – we use the best four rounds and throw the others”


You have got a lovely big discount, but most of the Quizzes end up in the bin. Which rather defeats the point.

There must be a better way.

The Solution

How about you buy a pool of Quiz Rounds (Note: Rounds not Quizzes) for use in your pubs; if they want to use them they do, and if they don’t they don’t. You only pay for what your pubs use.

Here’s how it works:

  • You buy a number of Quiz Rounds that go into a pool.
  • Any of your pubs that wants to use the free quizzes creates an account, and we link it to your account so they can access the quiz rounds.
  • Each pub can then choose the number of rounds for their quiz night, the subjects for each round, and the difficulty for each round. They get exactly the quiz that they want, which might be completely different from every other pub.
  • Every time a pub generates a quiz round the number in your pool decreases by one, so you are only paying for what the pubs actually use.
  • When the number of rounds in your pool drops below your chosen limit, we’ll send you an e-mail to remind you to top up the pool.

Get What You Want, Not What You’re Given

The benefit to you is that you can supply your pubs with quizzes without paying for those that go in the bin.

The benefit to the pubs is they get to choose the frequency, length, subject and difficulty of the quiz they use, instead of the One Size Fits All approach that doesn’t really work.


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