Garage Sale Quiz Puzzle Answer

Walking along a road near Quiz Master Shop Towers we saw a board at the end of a friend's drive with prices for his garage sale. The items and prices were as follows:

Shovel - £3.50

Lawn Edger - £3

Pressure Washer - £20

Strimmer - £10.50

Children's Bicycle - £15.25

Lawn Mower - £14

We noticed that all but one of the items had been crossed off, but out of politeness we asked how the sale had been going. We were told that the afternoon's takings had been twice the morning's takings, due to the nicer weather bringing out more people.

Then we brought a smile to his face as we bough the last remaining item, which was?

In the morning the items sold were the Lawn Edger and Lawn Mower for £3 and £14, making £17. In the afternoon the items sold were the Shovel, Pressure Washer and Strimmer for £3.50, £20 and £10.50, making £34.

Which means that we bought the Children's Bicycle.


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