Grandchildren Quiz Puzzle Answer

This week we have a seemingly impossible situation, with a relatively simple explanation . . . once you've worked it out!

A grandmother and grandfather have two grandchildren who were born in the same year. The odd, and seemingly impossible situation, is that the first grandchild to be born has a birthday the day after the second grandchild to be born.

How is this possible?

The explanation is that the two grandchildren were born in different countries, just after midnight and then just before midnight.

For example, the first grandchild is born in Australia in the early hours of the 2nd May. It is still afternoon on the 1st May in Europe, and the second grandchild is born sometime before midnight.

Thus the firstborn's birthday is 2nd May and the second to be born's birthday is 1st May.

As an aside, one of our colleague's thinks they remember this actually happening, and being reported in a newspaper!


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