Halloween Missing Vowels Quiz Puzzle Answer

All of these are phrases with the vowels removed. There is a connection between them, and they are in order; finding it will help to resolve the puzzle. The letter spacing in the clue is not necessarily the same as the answer, nor does it indicate where the vowels should be inserted.

  1. VM PRS - vampires
  2. PP LB BBN G - apple bobbing
  3. ZM BS - zombies
  4. PMP KNLN TRN - pumpkin lantern
  5. D RCL - dracula
  6. T RC KRT RT - trick or treat
  7. F RN KNS TN - frankenstein
  8. WTC HSN DWR LCKS - witches and warlocks
  9. BNSH - banshee
  10. PL TRGS T - poltergeist


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