Horse Quiz Puzzle

A farmer who owned 17 horses died and left the horses to his three sons. The will stipulated that the eldest son would receive half the horses, the middle son would receive a third of the horses, and the youngest son would receive one ninth of the horses.

Clearly there is a problem.

Can you see a solution using a little "creative" arithmetic?

And if you can, what about another farmer who has horses and leaves one seventh of the horses to his youngest son, instead of one ninth.

Assuming the same creative solution works in this case, how many horses does the farmer have?

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Answer at 10.00 on Monday


  • Quiz Master Shop

    Both parts are correct Brenda

  • Brenda Jolley

    … part 2
    Farmer has 41 horses. Add 1 then split 21:14:6

  • Brenda Jolley

    Add an extra horse to make 18, eldest gets 9, middle 6, youngest 2: total 17
    Still working on the second half

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