January Quiz Nights 2021

Here are the January Quiz Nights that we have been told about. Let us know about your Quiz Night and we'll include it.

Note: Local Lockdown rules are changing weekly

Monday 4th - Hemingways 20.00 Cancelled

Tuesday 5th - Not Just An Udder Quiz Quiz of the Year (Online) 19.40

Wednesday 6th - Robbie's Quarantine Quiz (Online) 20.00

Sunday 10th - Angus Walker (Online) 19.00

Sunday 10th - The Inn on the Green 19.00 Check with Pub

Monday 11th - Hemingways 20.00

Tuesday 15th - Not Just An Udder Quiz (Online) 19.40

Thursday 14th - Frank Paul (Online) 20.00

Sunday 17th - Angus Walker (Online) 19.00

Sunday 17th - The Inn on the Green 19.00 Check with Pub

Monday 18th - Hemingways 20.00

Wednesday 20th - Robbie's Quarantine Quiz (Online) 20.00

Thursday 21st - Frank Paul (Online) 20.00

Sunday 24th - Angus Walker (Online) 19.00

Sunday 24th - The Inn on the Green 19.00 Check with Pub

Monday 25th - Hemingways 20.00

Thursday 28th - Frank Paul (Online) 20.00

Sunday 31st - Angus Walker (Online) 19.00

Sunday 31st - The Inn on the Green 19.00 Check with Pub


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