Kings and Queens Quiz Puzzle Answer

Here's an interesting little puzzle that needs a bit of thought to work out.

Since William the Conqueror (William I) there have been many Kings and Queens. Some like Victoria do not have a regnal number, and then there are lots with the regnal numbers I, II and so on up to Edward VIII and Henry VIII.

Your challenge is to work out whether there have been more Kings and Queens with the regnal number I than the regnal number II? Or if there have been more with II than I? Or if there have been the same amount?

Note, work out. You could, of course, go through the list of Kings and Queens are count them. But the challenge is to work it out logically.

If there is only one King or Queen of that name, then no regnal number is needed - like Victoria. As soon as a second King or Queen takes that name they have a regnal number of II, and (and this is the point) the first King or Queen of that name gets a regnal number of I.

The number of Kings and Queens with the regnal numbers I and II must always be the same. 



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