Name That Tune Quiz Puzzle Answer

We were in the Jolly Quizmaster having a quiet drink and overheard an argument between two people at the bar. Things were getting quite heated, and the whole pub gradually fell silent to listen to the dispute.

The gist of the disagreement was that one of the pair was boasting of his encyclopaedic knowledge of music, and the other did not believe these boasts and thus was getting very angry.

The one who was boasting then made an astonishing claim: give me any name, any name at all, and I will sing you a song with that name in the lyrics - for a fee, of course.

You could have heard a pin drop.

"How much?" came the reply, "and what happens if you can't?"

So the pair agreed on a bet of £1,000 on whether the braggart would be able to sing a song with the (yet to be stated) name in the lyrics.

Not a person in the pub could take their eyes of the scene as the name of Nehemiah Kalashnikov Ring-Ding the Younger was given, although a few people started to smirk.

And then to the amazement of everyone the singer won the bet. How?

Very simply, the song was Happy Birthday.


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