Newspaper Quiz Puzzle Answer

Two newspaper delivery boys cover a street near Quiz Master Shop Towers, and their names are Bright and Early.

The street has the same number of houses on both sides, and each boy is meant to deliver to one side of the street. However, Bright is never early, so Early starts delivering newspapers on Bright's side of the road.

After Early has delivered five newspapers Bright appears and starts delivering on his side of the street at the sixth house. Early then starts his side of the road at the first house.

Now Early is quite bright and does not rush to deliver to his houses, especially as he has done some of Bright's houses. As it happens Bright finishes his side before Early finishes his and crosses over to deliver to the last nine houses on Early's side.

Clearly Bright delivers to more houses than Early, but how many more?

Bright delivers to eight more houses than Early, however many houses are in the street.

Consider a street with nine houses each side. Early would deliver to five houses on Bright's side and then stop. Bright would deliver to the remaining four houses on his side, and then all nine on Early's side, making 13, which is eight more than Bright.

Adding houses to both sides of the road adds the same number to each boy's total, keeping the gap between them at eight.


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