Number Descriptions Quiz Puzzle Answer

We have published a couple of puzzles where you were required to produce sums (say from four fours) that equal as many numbers as possible. That puzzle is here if you are interested.

This time you are not required to produce sums, but rather descriptions of the numbers.

One has Three letters, Two also has Three letters, Three has Five letters, and Four has Four letters, and is the only number that has this property. What you have to do is produce phrases that describe a number in that number of letters, for as many numbers as possible.

The descriptions must be universal; you can't have "The number bus I catch to work" for 24. And from this you can deduce that spaces don't count, only letters.

See how many you can get.

Here is the list we have. Some might be considered a bit "iffy", but we have a list up to 25.

1 = I

2 = Bi

3 = Tri

4 = Four

5 = A Five

6 = One Six

7 = Six Et Un

8 = Two Cubed

9 = One Off Ten

10 = Nine And One

11 = Nine Plus Two

12 = Nine And Three

13 = Twelve Plus One

14 = Thirteen And One

15 = One Half Of Thirty

16 = Thirteen And Three

17 = Four Squared And One

18 = One Half Of Thirty Six

19 = Half Of Forty Minus One

20 = One Half Of Twice Twenty

21 = One Times Eleven Plus Ten

22 = Two Times Eleven Plus Zero

23 = Four Plus Four Plus Fifteen

24 = Five Squared And One Removed

25 = Five Squared With Zilch Added


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