One Bar in Wales Millennium Centre

Earlier this year Quiz Master Shop had to move one of its quiz nights to a new venue, as the former venue has closed for refurbishment. The new venue, the One Bar in the Wales Millennium Centre, is proving to be a great choice, with nearly all the regulars making the move, and several new quizzers now enjoying the quizzes.

The One Bar has been managed by Andrew Walker since 2021, and his 34 years in hospitality shows in the success of the venue. His journey to the One Bar is fascinating; he sold novelty cakes as a child which led him to catering college, on graduating he worked in one of London’s Gentlemen’s Clubs (the sort Sir Humphrey in Yes Minister frequents, not that sort!), and after COVID he decided on a quieter life, choosing Cardiff Bay.

The bar is the only independent food and drink vendor in the Wales Millennium Centre, and one of its nicest features is the frequent cocktails themed to the current show in the Theatre. For example; Negroni-O & Juliet, Jean Val-Gin, Starlight Espresso Martini, Life of Apple-Pi and Oz-Mopolitan. These are in addition to the normal beers, wines and coffees that you would expect.

Theatre goers receive a 10% discount if they show their tickets, and it is very busy with pre- and post-show drinkers, as well as interval drinks which can be ordered.

The indoor area is spacious and comfortable – very necessary given the number of quizzers who attend the quizzes. And there is a lovely outdoor area, which is a suntrap with views over the water in Cardiff Bay. If the weather is good enough, we hope to run some quiz nights outside during the summer.

The entry fees from the fortnightly quizzes (a very reasonable £1 per person) all go to charity, with the current recipient being Big Moose Charity, a local Welsh mental health charity.

So why not try the best quiz in Cardiff Bay? You will have a great time and be supporting a good cause. And even if you don’t quiz, the One Bar is a great choice.


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