Only Connect Sequence Quiz Puzzle Answer

On the Only Connect TV Quiz program the second round is sequences. The teams are shown three things and have to work out what the fourth in the sequence is. The three things are revealed to the teams one at a time, and they get more points the fewer things that they have seen when they solve the puzzle.

Below are three things and your challenge is to work out the fourth in the sequence:

1st 1st: New Zealand

2nd 2nd: England

3rd 3rd: France

As the Rugby World Cup is in full swing in France, this puzzle is based on previous Rugby World Cups.

The team that was first in the first Rugby World Cup in 1987 was New Zealand.

The team that was second in the second Rugby World Cup in 1991 was England.

The team that was third in the third Rugby World Cup in 1995 was France.

And the team that was fourth in the fourth Rugby World Cup in 1999 was New Zealand.

So the fourth thing in the sequence is

4th 4th: New Zealand


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