Only Connect Wall Quiz Puzzle Answer

For those familiar with Only Connect, you will know that you have to place the 16 things in the grid below into four groups of four based on some connection between them. To be completely correct you have to find the four correct groups (and there are some red herrings in there) and the connection for each of the four groups.

Rocket Sparkler Banger Catherine Wheel
Fly Mustard Ice Starling
Bay Rock Collard Dandelion
Sash Seeds Bling Picture


The groups are:

Rocket, Mustard, Collard, Dandelion - Salad Leaves

Sparkler, Ice, Rock, Bling - Nicknames for Diamonds

Banger, Fly, Starling, Seeds - Change a letter to make UK cities (Bangor, Ely, Stirling, Leeds)

Catherine Wheel, Bay, Sash, Picture - Type of Window


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