Only Connect Wall Quiz Puzzle Answer

For those familiar with Only Connect, you will know that you have to place the 16 things in the grid below into four groups of four based on some connection between them. To be completely correct you have to find the four correct groups (and there are some red herrings in there) and the connection for each of the four groups.

French Italian Polish August
Saturday Watt Hoo January
Flower Cross Witch Reading
Wear Well Wye Rome



The four groups are:

French, Italian, Cross and Well - all can precede Dressing

Watt, Hoo, Witch and Wye - homophones of question words

Saturday, January, Flower and Rome - all named after people in Roman mythology (Saturn, Janus, Flora and Romulus)

Polish, August, Reading and Wear - capitonyms (all change pronunciation when capilatised)


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