Parentkind - Exclusive Offers

Parentkind was founded in 1956 as PTA UK to champion parent's involvement in education. In 2018 it was renamed to Parentkind, to reflect its support for all forms of parental involvement, and the full range of mums, dads, grandparents and carers who support the schools.

It is now the leading membership organisation for parent teacher associations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and it embraces PTAs, PTFAs, Friends Associations, Home School Associations, Parent Councils, Parent Forums and many more.

Quiz Master Shop is pleased to support Parentkind, and has already written a Blog giving advice to PTAs on Running a Quiz Night. Later this month we will be announcing an exclusive offer to members of Parentkind, so to take advantage of this, and all the other support that they can give you, join them today.


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