Politics Quiz Puzzle Answer

A father was very concerned about his four children's knowledge of current political figures, especially compared to their knowledge of reality TV, sport and music stars! So he devised a test to try to encourage them to improve their knowledge.

He gave them four pictures of political figures marked A, B, C and D. He then gave them a list of eight surnames, as follows: Braverman, Corbyn, Johnson, Rayner, Starmer, Sunak, Truss and Zahawi.

He then offered a prize of £30 to the child who identified correctly the most people.

At the end of the test he was not a happy man. "Amy, Ben and Carol, you scored equally" he announced, "and will share the prize equally; however Dave will get what he deserves, namely nothing!"

The children's list were as follows:

Amy: Johnson, Sunak, Starmer and Rayner.

Ben: Johnson, Rayner, Corbyn, Braverman.

Carol: Truss, Zahawi, Corbyn, Braverman.

Dave: Truss, Zahawi, Corbyn and Rayner.

Each politician was identified correctly by at least one child, so who are the four famous politicians?

They are: A - Johnson, B - Zahawi, C - Starmer and D - Braverman


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