Post Lockdown Quiz Tips

Having run a couple of live Quiz Nights in the (sort of) post Lockdown world, we have noticed a few things that did not happen pre-COVID 19, and thought we would share them with you.

The first problem that we encountered was the switch to card-only payments and ordering through an App. Pre-lockdown any people who happened to be in the venue and decided on the night to do the quiz would have a pound or two in their pockets. Not anymore. So decide in advance what you are going to do. Maybe waive the entry fee so they stay and have a couple more drinks, and hopefully come back to future quizzes. Or set up card payments for the quiz perhaps.

We think that cashless payments are here to stay, lockdown or no lockdown, so you will need a long-term policy.

During quizzes we recommend wandering around the venue so you can keep an eye out for mobile phone cheats. You still can walk around, but you might need to wear a mask which muffles your voice. The alternative is to set up a seat somewhere central and you can be maskless, which means you can be heard. You just need to remember to face different directions so everyone can hear, or use a mike.

Talking about mobile phones, most quizmasters will insist that all phones are put away during the quiz. However, if your venue has an App to order food and drinks this is quite difficult to enforce. Let’s face it, the venue will want customers to place orders when they are ready. Until you can walk around it will be difficult to check this.

Long term we can’t expect mobile phones to be in pockets and bags during the quiz from now on.

The last problem is quite a small problem concerning marking. Most venues get teams to swap answers sheets to be marked, although some collect them in for marking. Just be aware that under some regulations this passing of paper back and forth might not be allowed, or some customers might be nervous of it.


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