Princess of Wales Quiz Puzzle

Today is the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. We shall leave others to mark this event with due respect, and instead consider the title Princess of Wales.

This title is usually given to the wife of the Prince of Wales, a title now held by the monarch's heir apparent. It was first given in this way to Edward of Caernarfon by his father, Edward I of England, in 1301, although the title was in use in Wales much earlier. Legend has it that the king promised the Welsh a prince who was "born in Wales and spoke no English"; his infant son was born in Caernarfon and was too young to speak any language!

However, this is probably apocryphal; at that time most English aristocracy, and certainly the Royal family, spoke French. Thus rendering the "spoke no English" somewhat superfluous. In spite of this, questions on this theme sometimes turn up in quizzes.


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