PTA Quiz Puzzle Answer

The local PTA has five members; Alan, Brian, Carrie, Dora and Eve, who hold the offices of President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

At the first meeting there was some debate about whether the post of Chairman should be called Chairwoman, in view of the young widow holding this position. The meeting agreed on the title Chair.

It is quite a close-knit committee, as Alan and Eve are twins, and Carrie's husband is the Treasurer's brother.

The President and Treasurer go back a long way too, sharing a dormitory when they were at school.

Furthermore, the President and Secretary are to be married soon, with Dora as Maid of Honour.

From this can you work out who holds the five posts on the committee?

The key to this is Carrie who we know is married, so she can't be the President, Secretary (who are to be married) or Chair (who's a widow). And she can't be the Treasurer either as she's married to the Treasurer's brother. So she is Vice-Chair.

Dora is Maid of Honour at the wedding, so can't be President or Secretary, which leaves Eve as the lady getting married. Meaning Eve is President or Secretary.

Neither Carrie nor Eve can be Chair, and the Chair is female, so Dora must be Chair.

No female can be Treasurer, so the Treasurer is either Alan or Brian.

The Treasurer shared a dormitory with the President, so the President is also either Alan or Brian.

The male President is marrying the Secretary (who must be Eve) and Alan and Eve are twins, so Brian must be President and Alan Treasurer.

That is, Alan is Treasurer, Brian is President, Carrie is Vice-Chair, Dora is Chair and Eve is Secretary.


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