Puddings Quiz Puzzle Answer

We were having a meal in the Jolly Quizmaster the other evening. It is not the most extensive menu, with only three starters, three mains and three puddings, but the food is good and we all enjoyed it.

One of our colleagues is so indecisive, and the puddings all sounded very nice, and he could not make up his mind. So we handed him a coin. "What use is a coin to choose between three desserts." he said "It would be great to choose between two, but I have to choose between three!"

We then explained how he could do this, and finally we could order our sweets.

How did he do it?

Assign each of the three puddings to Head then Head, Head then Tail and Tail then Head. Then toss the coin twice. If if comes up with two Tails, simply repeat.


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