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John Henderson has written crosswords for several national newspapers for many years, as well as writing brilliant quizzes. One of the venues that he supplies is The White Hart in Whitechapel - if you enjoy this, you know where to go.

“WHAT?” Answers to the ten questions have two things in common.

1 An eminent Russian nuclear physicist called Yuri, he is the reason for the comparatively recent appearance of “Og” at the foot of a column of seven items – that has what at the top?

2 Back from the newsagents on Sunday, you open up your regular paper and check all the sections are there. Event – check. Sport on Sunday – check. Financial Section – check. Sunday 2 – check. Cartoon section – check. What is missing?

3 Szeming Sze was a Chinese delegate who was instrumental in the formation of what international organisation whose constitution formally came into force on April 7, 1948?

4 In a 1958 novel (later a 1962 film), John Strangways met his end at the hands of which doctor – who, ironically in fact, had no hands?

5 Which one word is common to the titles of two films released in 1934 and 1975 that went on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture? The title of a non-Oscar-winning 1961 Disney animated film contains the word twice, as does its 1996 live-action adaptation.

6 Michael Young, research director for the Labour Party, was the driving force behind which initially 32-page publication launched in 1957 from a converted garage in Bethnal Green?

7 What is it that connects a silent 1927 romcom starring Clara Bow; Edith Nesbit’s character the Psammead; Marvel Comics’ Living Colossus and the name the Losers Club gave to Robert Gray?

8 Your question-writer (that is John Henderson) is feeling a tad smug. I've been contributing a weekly slot since 2016 to what title that picked up the 2020 London Press Club Award for Daily Newspaper of the Year last week?

9 And now for something completely different: a Countdown Conundrum: GHOST IN ME rearranges to which 9-letter word?

10 Died last week (95): Herbert Kretzmer, lyricist of the West End version of Les Miserables, also wrote the English lyrics for which 1974 UK Number One  single? Its cover by Elvis Costello is played at the end of the film Notting Hill after Will and Anna marry and it is revealed that she is pregnant.

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