Puzzle From Virtual Pub Quiz Answers

Here is another round from one of the online virtual quizzes that we ran. It went down well and we hope that you enjoy too.

First you have to answer the eight questions below.

Then you have to pair all of the odd-numbered answers with the even-numbered answers, so that you end up with four pairs of answers that are connected in some 

  1. What colour are the Triple Word squares on a standard Scrabble Board?
  2. If you are describing Bouquet, Finish and Legs, what are you tasting?
  3. From the middle ages, if someone is of low standing, they are said to be below which seasoning?
  4. From what material are Clogs traditionally made?
  5. What animal appears in the fashion company Radley's logo?
  6. Which spice connects Black, White, Green, Red and Pink?
  7. For what form of art is the Venetian island of Murano renowned?
  8. If you order Vin Rouge in a French restaurant, what would you receive?

The answers are

  1. Red
  2. Wine
  3. Salt
  4. Wood
  5. Dog
  6. Pepper
  7. Glass
  8. Red Wine

And the pairs are Wine Glass, Salt & Pepper, Dogwood and Red Red Wine.

Hope you enjoyed it!


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