Puzzle From Virtual Quiz

Below is a round from one of our virtual quiz nights. None of the competitors had seen a quiz round of this type before, and the feedback was very good. We hope that you enjoy it too.

There are ten questions; five of them have numerical answers and the other five have one-word answers. You should add up the five numerical answer to produce a number, and you should take the first letters of the other five answers in the order that they appear to produce a word. When you put the number and the word together they form a word, phrase or saying that is still topical.

  1. In Scrabble how many points is the letter A worth?
  2. Which is the only natural number that can't be written in Roman numerals?
  3. What portmanteau word is used for the cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle?
  4. On how many hills is Rome supposedly built?
  5. Which board game's name is a portmanteau word from Yes in French and German?
  6. What score is nicknamed Snake Eyes when rolling two dice?
  7. Which sign of the zodiac is the last alphabetically?
  8. What nationality is Bono?
  9. Under what number were laxative pills listed in World War I, giving the bingo call Doctors Orders?
  10. Rhode Island is the smallest US state - which is the second smallest?

Can you solve it?

As usual you can post the answers as a comment on this website, reply to the post on Facebook, or retweet or reply on Twitter @quizmastershop.

Answer at 9.00 on Monday


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