Quiz Master Shop fifth anniversary

On 21st February 2018 the Quiz Master Shop website went live, and one day later we sold our first quiz rounds. As we approach our fifth anniversary, we have sold thousands of quiz rounds all over the globe, picked up numerous awards and had a few other notable achievements. And so, we would like to share some of these with you.

Right from the beginning orders came in from outside the UK, showing that the internet does connect everyone. So far we have had customers in Austria, Belgium, Cambodia, Denmark, Mexico, Republic of Ireland, Serbia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and the USA. However, the majority of our customers are UK based.

Very quickly we started to pick up awards, mainly along the lines of the UK’s Best Quiz Website, although the wording varies slightly between awarding bodies. Amongst the organisations that have been kind enough to recognise Quiz Master Shop are Corporate America Today, Corporate Livewire, Lawyer International, M&A Today and Welsh Enterprise Awards. Many of them have recognised us in multiple years, and we are grateful to them all.

On our website we have a weekly puzzle and have had some notable guest puzzle suppliers. Frank Paul, who went on to win Only Connect, was one of the first. John Henderson, who writes crosswords for national newspapers as well as brilliant quizzes, has also contributed. Charlie Methven, who also writes crosswords as well as questions for Only Connect, had his first opportunity on our website. And in a final Only Connect connection, Daniel Peake, another Only Connect writer, has also contributed a puzzle.

Our colleagues are all very good at setting quizzes, and are much in demand to present charity quizzes. We have promoted these through social media and written blog posts about them. One notable quiz started right at the beginning of lockdown when one of our number streamed a weekly quiz through our Facebook page. Many people joined this free service and the videos are all still available.

In a strange coincidence, on our fourth anniversary one of our colleagues appeared on The Chase. At the time of writing the episode is still available on ITVX, and part of the show is available on YouTube. If you have not seen it we will not spoil the surprise, but suffice to say he did not let Quiz Master Shop down.

One other funny happening was the Pop-Up Quizmaster, when we turned up at a quiz night, but the quizmaster did not. And we ended up running the quiz. Again, that is recorded in a blog post.

All in all, quite an eventful five years. And we are sure that Quiz Master Shop will go from strength to strength over the next five years.


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