Quiz Tip - Check your Questions

Recently one of our colleagues was on a cruise, and naturally did almost all of the quizzes. In one of the last quizzes the following question came up:

“Which type of pastry is boiled before it is baked?”

Being a bit of a cook, he came up with the answer Choux Pastry, knowing the answer as he had made the pastry himself. However, the answer on the sheet was Bagels. Half the room had Bagels and were delighted; the other half had Choux and were not happy.

The Quizmaster (as we have previously advocated) stuck with “the answer on the sheet is the answer”, in spite of an irate pastry chef telling him in no uncertain terms that he was wrong . Apparently, the Executive Chef on the ship had given him this question.

Now, the point of this is not to argue over the accuracy, merits or wording of the question. The point is, if someone gives you a “great question”, however well qualified they might be, do yourself a favour and check it. This Quizmaster did not check and looked quite foolish.


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