Quiz Tip - Food and Quiz Bundles

With some variants of lockdown rules necessitating establishments to serve drinks only with a "Substantial Meal", here's an idea for when you can reopen.

Do you serve food on your Quiz Nights? Lots of places do with some tables eating during the quiz and some tables not doing so.

This can get a little awkward with tables having food delivered during one of the Quiz rounds. The inevitable “Can I get you any sauces?” means that the team didn’t hear a question or two. And then they are all eating while trying to answer questions, which can be difficult.

Have you thought of a Quiz and Supper bundle?

For example, you can provide a main course and the quiz for a fixed price, which might encourage more quizzers to partake of food. (And meets the Substantial Meal requirement) Everyone places their orders before the quiz starts (while doing the table round – see a previous Tip) and the food is delivered during the interval (and eaten while doing the second table round). So there is much less disruption.

It’s your choice whether you make the bundle optional and allow people to do only the quiz, as and when lockdown rules allow.


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