Quiz Tip - Keep It Snappy

We’ve all been to the quiz that refuses to die. Between us we’ve been to a quiz that finished at 23.30 on a “school night”, and one that was advertised to start at 20.30, again during the week, and the picture round was handed out at 21.20 – no idea when that one finished as they left before the end, never to return.

If the quiz is going on too long, don’t press on to the bitter end, cut a round or two. Fewer people will be unhappy at a shorter quiz than those happy to be going home at a sensible time. You might feel short-changed at not using quiz rounds that you’ve paid for, but it’s better not to have disgruntled (and possibly ex-) customers.

Better still, use a quiz website that allows you to choose the number of rounds that you buy.


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