Quiz Tip - Remember Why You're Running The Quiz

One way or another you are running the quiz to make money. Sorry to be blunt, but that’s why you are doing it. If you’re a pub, wine bar, club or restaurant, you are running the quiz to bring in extra customers who will spend money on food and drink.

Make sure that you give the customers plenty of opportunities to buy their refreshments. This means structuring the quiz so that there are gaps to get to the bar.

A good format is two halves:

  • Have a picture round for each half. The first one should be out a while before the quiz starts, to entice waverers – if a group has looked at the pictures and knows quite a few, they might well stay thinking they’re off to a good start. The second one should go out at the start of the interval to keep the quiz going.
  • Three rounds in each half is probably sufficient, which means the quiz will last about two hours. This will leave plenty of time after the quiz for contestants to have another drink and “debate” the quiz!


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