Quiz Tips - Disputes

If you run quizzes, sooner or later you are going to have a competitor that disagrees with one of the answers. Even if all the answers are completely correct and unambiguous, somebody at some time is going to “know” that an answer is incorrect.

A classic example of this is the dispute over the date of Twelfth Night – and we will be blogging about this in January. The correct answer is 5th January, but many, many people are insistent that it’s on the 6th. We’ve actually left this question out of our quizzes because it is so contentious.

The easiest and least awkward way to deal with this is to make it clear before you start the quiz that the answer on the sheet is the answer, even if it is wrong. Do not accept a web page that “shows” the correct answer, as you have no knowledge of the authenticity of the page. Stick to your guns.

We would recommend reading the questions and answers before the quiz to make sure that you are comfortable with both questions and answers.


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