Quiz Tips - Music Rounds

Music rounds are the most fraught rounds of any quiz, so think carefully about including one.

One of our colleagues was in a pub with two bars; one was the lively bar with music playing, and the other a quieter bar. The former had a much younger clientele than the latter. Come quiz night and the music round, the songs were played over the sound system and were as clear as a bell in the lively bar, and almost inaudible in the quiet bar – who’d have seen that coming!

Worse still, the songs were all quite recent, and so well known to the people who could hear them, but less familiar to those who couldn’t. Those in the quiet bar realised very quickly that the music round was not to their advantage, and complained vociferously. Result: cancelled music round, and some unhappy customers who’d scored well but had their scores wiped out.

No one wants unhappy customers, so make sure everyone can hear the songs very clearly. Also, make sure that you have a wide range of musical styles and eras. The 50-something on Songs from the 70s will be delighted, but the 30- and 70-somethings might not be back.


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