Rhymes and Eye Rhymes Quiz Puzzle

Below are ten pairs of definitions. The answers to each pair either rhyme with each other but don’t look as if they should, or look as if they should rhyme with each other but don’t (these are called Eye Rhymes). There are five of each type.

  1. Colour of embarrassment/Leader of a school
  2. Rip/Rabbit-like animal
  3. Burial chamber/Hair tidying implement
  4. Drop of water from the eye/Change direction
  5. Irish version of John/Type of Legume
  6. Female child/Reaction to a joke
  7. Not heavy/Bed bug
  8. Red cosmetic/Scoop out with a chisel
  9. Weed/Fur
  10. Type of sparkling wine/Layered pasta dish

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