RING ANSWER . . . THEN RING . . . Quiz Puzzle

Today's puzzle is kindly provided by John Henderson, who supplies quizzes to The Elephant Inn, The Old Dairy, The White Hart and The Alma, as well as crosswords to several national newspapers.


In this puzzle, each answer has a total of thirteen letters.

Read in two columns, third letters, then penultimate (12th) letters complete the instruction in the round’s title.

NB 1&10 are three-word answers, 2-8 are all two-word answers.

1 With a single five-pointed shape on its flag, signifying its original claim to be a republic independent from Mexico, what is the official nickname of Texas?

2 Cancelled in 2011, which anarchic panel show featured regular team captains Ulrika Jonsson, Mark Lamarr and Jack Dee and marked the rise to fame of Matt Lucas in the guise of George Dawes?

3 Who said of his London exhibition, later taken to New York, Sao Paolo and Rio: “it was great to see an individual or groups of people pointing at the horizon. This transfer of the stillness of sculpture to the stillness of an observer is exciting, reflexivity becoming shared.”?

4 What personal weaknesses are named from a warrior of Greek mythology and a legend about the river Styx and an incomplete dip?

5 What type of mainly coastal, 30-40-foot-high, circular defensive fort was common across the British Empire in the 19th Century?

6 Used to revive people who are dazed or have fainted, what is the common, alliterative name for spirit of hartshorn or sal volatile?

7 All of them Stuarts, Anne of Denmark, Henrietta Maria of France, Catherine of Braganza and Mary of Modena were (from 1603-1688) England’s last what? Two-word answer!

8 What protracted period of severe global cooling would, hypothetic-ally, follow the fires caused by atomic warfare?

9 How do we know the Alpine peak that the Italians call “Cervino”?

10 Also known as Beauclerc, who succeeded William II to the English throne in 1100? (Spell his number – not that he was known by it at the time…)


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