Rose Bouquets Quiz Puzzle Answer

Five ladies were to receive bouquets of roses at an end-of-year function, and the organiser visited the local florist to place the order.

They agreed that eight roses in each bouquet would be nice, and then discussed the colours of the roses for the five bouquets. Yellow, white, pink and red roses were available and, after a short discussion, they decided on a mix of all four colours.

There would be forty roses in total, with ten of each of the colours. The florist suggested making each bouquet different. None of the ladies would receive a bouquet that was the same as any other lady's bouquet. In addition, at least one rose of every colour would be in all the bouquets.

At the presentation it turned out that Anne's bouquet contained more yellow roses than all the other coloured roses combined. Babs received a bouquet with fewer pink roses than any other colour. In Cath's bouquet the total number of yellow and white roses was the same as the total number of pink and red roses. Debs had twice as many white roses as red roses. And Eve's bouquet had an equal number of red and pink roses.

What combination of roses was in each of the ladies bouquets?

5 1 1 1
2 1 3 2
1 1 3 3
1 4 2 1
1 3 1


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