Rugby Kicking Quiz Puzzle

Watching the Rugby World Cup we were struck by the number of penalties that are awarded on the 15 metre line. [There are reasons for this, but they aren't relevant to this puzzle.]

An oddity of Rugby is that you don't have to take the penalty from the place it is awarded; you can go back towards your own try line, parallel to the touchline. Players do this quite often to "give themselves a better angle" for a kick at goal.

This set us thinking - what is the optimum position along the 15 metre line from which to take a kick at goal. This ought to be the sort of information every Rugby goal kicker should know.

A Rugby pitch is 70 metres wide. The 15 metre lines are 15 metres from the sides of the pitch. And the posts are 5.6 metres apart. Here is a pitch diagram.

So where is the point on the 15 metre line that is best for kicking at goal?

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Answer at 9.00 on Monday


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