Scholarship Quiz Puzzle Answer

Back in the days of a classical education, five boys sat exams in five subjects to try to gain a scholarship to a prestigious school. In each subject a total of 60 marks were divided between the five boys. As it happened all five boys got a least one mark in each subject.

Curiously, each boy was first in one subject, second in another subject, third in a further subject, and fourth in another subject. Meaning they were all fifth and last in a subject as well.

However, the total marks from the five subjects were different for each of the five boys, and the scholarship went to the boy with the highest aggregate.

Alan was third in Latin, and in English he scored 27 marks, just beating David's 26 marks.

Bill got 12 marks in Greek and was bottom but one in Maths getting only 2 marks.

Colin was bottom in history with 10 marks.

David took third place in Maths with 18 marks.

Eddie was top in History, but bottom in Greek with 9 marks.

The top mark in Latin was 14.

Who won the scholarship, and what did each boy score in each subject?

From the above you can construct the following table

Latin English Greek Maths History Total
Alan 3rd - 12 1st - 27 4th - 10 5th - 1 2nd - 13 63
Bill 1st - 14 5th - 1 2nd - 12 4th - 2 3rd - 12 41
Colin 2nd - 13 4th - 2 3rd - 11 1st - 20 5th - 10 56
David 5th - 10 2nd - 26 1st - 18 3rd - 18 4th - 11 83
Eddie 4th - 11 3rd - 4 5th - 9 2nd - 19 1st - 14 57 



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