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There used to be games available many years ago, which had fifteen moveable squares in a four-by-four grid. It was possible to move the squares around the grid by pushing them, one at a time, into the empty space. Typically the squares would make up a picture if they were put into the correct positions.

In this puzzle the grid is three squares wide and two squares high, with five moveable squares in it. But the same principle holds.

The grid has the letters T, S and U in that order across the top row, P in the bottom left corner, and E in the bottom right corner, leaving the space in the middle of the bottom row. See the image accompanying the puzzle.

The challenge is to rearrange the squares so that the letters spell out SET UP. That is the letters S, E and T in that order across the top row, U in the bottom left corner, and P in the bottom right corner, again leaving the space in the middle of the bottom row.

It will be easier if you get five squares of paper with the letters on them, in order to try this.

Firstly, can you solve the puzzle, and secondly, what is the fewest number of moves in which you can do it?

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Answer at 9.00 on Monday


  • philip smith

    I didnt read the rules correctly!!!!
    My minimum number of moves is 18.

  • philip smith

    On the second attempt I took 17 moves.

  • philip smith

    It is possible. It took me 20 moves. Dont know if this is the lowest number of moves.

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